Rebecca Korth

Chickadee & Roses

Black-capped Chickadee, Golden Cranes
and Peacock feather

Oil on Panel

16 x 20 inches

Available for Acquisition

Some of my last memories with my Mother involve sitting in her room and watching the birds at play. After she passed, adding a bird to my still life paintings became a reoccurring theme. Well over a decade later it is now a way for me to honor and keep her memory alive.

This particular piece honors two strong woman that I have lost, my Mother and Grandmother. I inherited some of my Grandmother’s Asian decor and paired that with one of my Mother’s peacock feathers and the roses my husband gifted me on Valentine’s Day. I carefully arranged each object on my quartz countertop in order to get all the gorgeous reflections. I then unobtrusively added in a black-capped chickadee, as it is one of my personal favorites to paint.

Species Info

Species Info

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