Heather Soos

Dragonhunter II

Dragonhunter, Clubtail Dragonfly

Acrylic on Hardboard

8 x 10 inches

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I encountered this large, colourful dragonfly on a lichen covered branch, near Kenora, Ontario, and was inspired to do a small painting. I did some research and learned it was a Dragonhunter Clubtail dragonfly, sometimes called the Black Dragon, and that it got its name because it hunts other dragonflies, specifically Darners and Clubtails. My first painting based on this composition was 4 x 4 inches. In this more recent 8 x 10 version, the dragonfly is much larger than life. The larger size made it possible for me to paint the intricacies of the wing structure in detail. I changed the colour of the original pale sky to a more intense blue to emphasize the colour and shape of the dragonfly.

Species Info

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