Tiffany Miller Russell

Beautiful Brown

Teleus Long-tailed Skipper Butterfly

Cut and torn handmade and specialty fine art papers & Pastel

15 x 18 inches

For sale – Click here

Even in the tropics some of the best beauty can be found in the small and the inconspicuous. This delicate brown creature is a Teleus long-tailed skipper, and is actually a butterfly, not a moth. The simple barred pattern and subtle shift of colors within the browns create their own shimmering, modest beauty. The sculpture is created at over twice life size.

These purple flowers bloom for only a day at a time, traveling upward on long flower spikes. The plant is commonly known as porterweed for the foamy medicinal tea created from its leaves. In Trinidad and Tobago it is called purple vervine, and is never seen without hummingbird and butterfly visitors.

Species Info

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