Patsy Lindamood

Take Flight II

Ibis and Egrets

Graphite on Cradled Ampersand Claybord

24 x 36 inches

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Cattle fields north of Rockport and Aransas, TX, are often populated with hundreds of shore birds, especially after a rain when water has puddled to form shallow pools. But, when a heavy truck comes speeding down those country roads, diesel engine noisily rumbling, all those birds suddenly take flight. It is a sight to behold!

Absent the romance of color, working in shades of grey is like telling a short story rather than writing a novel. The choice to execute “Take Flight II” in graphite was simple; stripping the composition down to shapes, lines, and values would intensify the sense of movement, drama, and the cacophony of the moment. The starkness of the graphite augments the motion and enhances the spectacle of that scene when a crowded field of birds suddenly take flight—all at once—all in approximate unison.

Species Info

Species Info

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