Rachel Stavrowsky Hurst

Blue Monday

European Robin

Mixed Media on Canvas

5 x 7 inches

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In my work, I enjoy juxtaposing an abstract background against a representational figure. My chosen background allows me to communicate my mood as I am painting the animal. I paint many animals; they all have compelling qualities to me. But birds, in particular, speak to the artist in me. They come in such an amazing variety of shapes and colors! This European Robin is such a beautiful little bird. He has a bright orange/red coloring on his breast that has earned him the moniker “Robin Redbreast.” There are legends about the origin of his coloring associated with Christianity and the crucifixion. I find his coloring very easy to work with as it blends seamlessly with many different backgrounds. I have painted a version of him several different times—each time expressing a different emotion. This painting communicates a more sedate mood not often associated with this beautiful little bird.

Species Info

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