Kim Diment


Kori Bustard

Acrylic on Stretched Canvas

24 x 24 inches

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There are many different species in the Bustard family. The largest by far is the Kori Bustard. I remember the first time seeing a Kori. It was my first trip to Kenya. I was shocked at how big it was and how I had never heard anything about it!

The Kori Bustard has the world record for the heaviest flying bird. It is however, rare to see a Kori Bustard flying. Kori Bustards are birds of the open grasslands. Smaller bustards are often referred to as Korhaan, especially in South Africa. Male and female Kori Bustards are similar looking. This is certainly not the case during breeding season when the male is puffed out in his royal display “Strutting” his stuff on the open grasslands. During this play, males will make a deep “Oooooommmm, oooooomm” call. This call is very similar to a lion’s territorial call.

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